Stripe Fee Change 2022

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Stripe fees are increasing for processing payments for cards in the EEA, affecting cross-border card transactions. The increase is due to Brexit and card network cost changes, and comes into effect on 1st July 2022.

Stripe Fees Increase

Following Brexit, the UK is no longer subject to EU Interchange Fee Regulation, meaning that card transactions between the UK and EEA are classed as cross-border payments. This means that interchange rates have increased – these are the fees paid to issuing banks set by card networks.

Visa and Mastercard have already implemented their new rates, which Stripe had previously not passed on to users. However, in order to continue to offer their services, Stripe is raising their fees to reflect the underlying costs.

New Stripe Fees

See the table below for more details:

Current PriceNew Price
EEA business selling to UK card holder1.4% + €0.25*2.5% + €0.25*
UK business selling to EEA card holder1.4% + £0.202.5% + £0.20
EEA business selling to EEA card holder1.4% + €0.25*1.4% + €0.25*
UK business selling to UK card holder1.4% + £0.201.4% + £0.20

Domestic Transactions

This fee increase only affects cross-border transactions, with domestic transactions (e.g. UK business selling to UK card holders) pricing remaining unchanged.

Action Required

There’s no action necessary for you, with fees automatically updating on 1st July 2022 if you have cross-border transactions that are subject to the price changes above.

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