The Best Black Friday Campaigns

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As Black Friday approaches, we’ve put together a list of the best Black Friday campaigns out there, along with their deals and offers. Keep reading to get some Black Friday inspo…

Currys – Get That Black Friday Feeling

Playing on the common saying ‘that Friday feeling’, Curry’s has launched their deals early – meaning that you could get the Friday Feeling way before Black Friday itself.

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IKEA – Buying Back Furniture

In a bid to be more eco-friendly, this Black Friday IKEA is giving family members an additional 20% off when they bring their old furniture to the store to be recycled through their buy-back scheme. This is a great way to offer a discount, whilst working towards a bigger cause – which also helps the brand’s reputation, as they can be seen as more environmentally friendly.

More details here – Making Memories are offering upto 30% off stays worldwide, with the slogan ‘where will you make memories?’. This is a great way to offer discounts whilst tapping into consumers’ feelings – rather than saving money on products, they’re saving money on experiences with loved ones.

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ByBi – Better Friday 

ByBi, a sustainable beauty brand, are running their ‘Better Friday’ campaign – offering 25% off site wide for a longer period of time to encourage customers to make a considered purchase, and to help cut down on waste. This year they will also capture carbon from every purchase, in their bid to be the first carbon negative beauty brand, setting the standard for other brands.

More details here

Deciem – Slowvember – Ignore the Chaos. Shop Slowly 

Similar to ByBi, beauty brand Deciem (owned by popular brand The Ordinary) are focusing on shopping slowly and sustainably this Black Friday. Deciem’s campaign focuses on bringing soothing experiences and allowing space for the appreciation of small things, to encourage consumers to make considered purchases to help the environment – doing so by offering 23% off for the whole of November. 

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Hobbii – More Offers Added 

Most brands select a range of products to add offers to – but not Hobbii. Instead, Hobbii are continually adding new deals everyday to their Black Friday sale. This encourages consumers to keep checking the website, and even making multiple orders each day. 

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Kotn – Donating to Fund Education 

Clothes brand Kotn cares about more than profit – and this Black Friday they are encouraging consumers to support small, local and BIPOC-owned businesses, and to shop with sustainable and eco-friendly brands. They are also donating 100% of order proceeds over Black Friday weekend to fund education in Egypt communities that grow cotton. 

More details here

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