The Best of Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Top Tips to Smash Sales

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A successful Black Friday promotion is one that makes customers believe that they are getting the most for what they pay for. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, we’ve put together a list of the best Black Friday tips to help you boost sales and brand visibility.

Create Urgency

Creating urgency is a great way to increase conversion rates and get customers to take action – especially those who usually take a while to make a decision. You can do this by offering a flash sale or one that only lasts a short amount of time. It’s also a great way to shift any remaining stock that you have that may be seasonal.

Optimise Your Website

There are a number of elements on your website that can contribute to capturing users’ attention, and highlighting these can help to create excitement and impress new customers. These include:

  • Website sliders to highlight your sale
  • Navigation for Black Friday that customers can find easily
  • Splitting sale products into categories, so that customers can find what they want quickly and easily
  • Pop-ups to entice customers

Use Countdown Clocks

Adding a countdown on your website to show how long is left until the sale finishes is a great way to remind potential customers about the sale and get them to return to your site in time. Prior to your Black Friday Sale, you can also use a countdown timer on Instagram stories which will notify users when your sale goes live.

Bundle Discounts

By encouraging customers to order more products in one go, they think they are saving money as it is cheaper to buy in bulk rather than individually. This again is a great way to get customers to spend more and helps you to increase sales and average order value.

Offer Free Gifts

Tis the season to be giving, and adding free gifts to every order is a great way to increase buying experience and build your brand awareness. Not only this, but it’s a great way to increase buying intent – as humans we love to get free stuff.

Optimise Social Media

Make sure to promote your sale on social media and get your boosted posts or paid posts going a few days before your sale takes place. Announce your promotions early to get a good chance to attract your target audience.

Leverage Subscribers

You could also offer your most loyal customers the first chance of the sale or a discount. Post on social media prior to sending out the newsletter to encourage sign ups, meaning more people will sign up for the discount. In the long-run, you’ve then increased your subscriber numbers to form a relationship going forward and can use this list in the long term.

Prioritise Customer Service

During very busy periods such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, getting your customer service right matters more than ever. You will be seeing an increase in new customers, and offering good customer service ensures that they have a great first impression – helping to build a long term relationship together. Ensure you’re ready to focus on customer support – respond to questions quickly, updating status of orders and keeping your website up to date with the latest information can go a long way with building connections with your audience. You can also add common FAQs to your website prior to your sale, or add an online live chat to your website for user ease.

A Word on Sustainability

Mass consumption is a global issue, paired with the current climate crisis makes it something that many are avoiding this year. For good reason, people may be buying less this year so it is good to keep this in mind. Draw users attention to your sustainability policy – or perhaps plant a tree for every sale during the festive period.

With online sales on the rise, Black Friday will be busier than ever, and it’s important to both be prepared for online sales and physical sales in your location.

Have any other Black Friday tips that we’ve missed? Let us know by messaging us on Instagram!

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