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The end is in sight, and we are very nearly at the end of our glossary blog series. Read on for everything website design and digital marketing beginning with the letter U.


Unicode is the universal character standard coding used in computer processing, where each letter, digit and symbol is assigned a unique numeric value. 

Unique Visitors

Unique Visitors is a metric used to measure the total hits a website receives over a period of time, and helps a website owner to understand the actual total number of customers browsing the site.

Unsubscribe Rate

You will often see this metric used in email marketing. It is used to measure the percentage of users who have opted-out of a mailing list. Whilst a low unsubscribe rate is positive as it means that the mailing list is self-cleaning (removing anyone that doesn’t want to hear from you), a high rate could indicate issues with your email marketing strategy.

Unsubscribe rate is measured with the following calculation:

Unsubscribers / successful email deliveries x 100 = unsubscribe rate %


We often talk about keeping your website and its plugins updated, but what does this mean? WordPress and its plugins are updated by their developers often – with settings changes and security improvements. To ensure that your website is secure, it is essential that your site and its plugins are updated to the latest version.


Uniform Resource Locators, or URLs, are unique addresses given to every resource on the web. Each valid URL points to a unique resource – such a page, image or article. URLs are different from domains – the whole URL contains the domain but also includes other information, to direct a user to a specific page.

For example:

https://www.ballyhoo.co.uk/blog/ – www.ballyhoo.co.uk is the domain, and the URL is the whole thing

User Experience

User Experience refers to the overall experience that a customer has with your business, and with your website in particular. Our tips to designing for user experience? Think about being your customer.

User Friendly

When we refer to something as ‘user friendly’, it means that the website design, features and interface are easy to use and understand. Every website should be user friendly on all devices.

User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) is content that is made by people and customers, often using your brand products or services.

User Interface

User Interface allows users to control or interact with an application or device, such as menu navigation bar, buttons and more.

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