Upcoming Changes to Our Hosting Service and How They Affect You

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At Ballyhoo we strive to provide a first-class hosting service that ensures your website is always available online. From 1st September 2013 we’ll be increasing our hosting prices by a small amount to allow us to continue to maintain a high level of service and to make improvements to our hosting server in line with industry advances.

It’s never been our intention to profit from our hosting service as we feel it’s our duty to ensure that the websites we develop have a solid foundation and continue to perform optimally long after we’ve handed them over to you. Additionally, it’s a big time-saver for us to be able to work on websites on our own hosting platform as there’s no middleman to negotiate with just to make small changes to your configuration (press 1, press 2… please hold).

We also work hard to promote many of the websites we’ve built and this challenge is made that little bit easier if the website is quick to load, UK based and always online. We hope you’ll agree that it’s good for you as our customer too to have one friendly point of contact for all of your website requirements.

We are proud of the reliability that we have achieved with our hosting service and in coming months we want to start improving the service even further but, as you may have guessed, this costs money. It’s been over 4 years since we last changed our hosting pricing structure so we hope you can appreciate that we only wish to increase the funds available to us to make these improvements for your benefit.

We’re not trying to compete on price so you’d certainly find more basic hosting at a cheaper price elsewhere. What we are trying to do is provide a higher level of hosting service that you’d be hard-pushed to find from any other company like ours. We maintain a top-notch technical specification (with 100% network infrastructure uptime), we are completely UK based and we also provide excellent customer service and support – with real people, not call centres. Basically we do everything for you, and really well!

To fund our planned improvements we’ll be increasing the price of each hosting element* by £1 +VAT per month and, in line with our hosting terms and conditions, this change will only come into effect on your hosting renewal date.

The first improvement we plan to implement is the installation of a new hardware firewall to provide better protection for our server, thus giving your website added security and making it even more reliable. This has particularly become a priority for us in light of some recent and very public high-profile hacking incidents.

You may also notice that we have changed the name of our Domain Name Registration service to Domain Name Management – we’ve done this as we feel it better reflects the service we provide. We don’t just register the domain name for you but we configure all settings for your domain name(s), manage renewals and have the responsibility of being the technical contact for the domain. The increased budget provided by our pricing increase will allow us to be more proactive and make pre-emptive changes to domain name settings based on industry trends to ensure your website and email services continue to run smoothly.

If you would like to discuss this matter with us feel free to call the office on 0121 295 5352 or send an email to [email protected] (we aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours).

* Hosting elements that will be affected by the price increase include all hosting packages (basic, standard and professional), all domain names, databases and email services. The price of SSL certificates will not be affected.

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Anthony is Ballyhoo's Managing Director and Web Developer, responsible for building your website and keeping it online.