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We were recently contacted by a company in the financial services industry, as their website had been hacked. We worked with them to convert their website to WordPress, mirroring their existing website design, to allow the business to continue to operate online. 

The Problem

The large-scale financial company we assisted was running a website with either a proprietary content management system or they had a website which was not being maintained properly; either way, this led them to be hacked and experience a data breach. 

To tackle this, they quickly created a static version of the website (a “scrape”), to prevent it from being hacked and to ensure that customers could still find their company online. However, this meant that admins could no longer make any website or content changes, which they especially needed to do in order to conform with legal obligations in their industry.

Project Overview 

Upon being contacted we established what the client needed from their website going forward and recommended a course of action. We then implemented our Disaster Recovery service, where we created a lean, custom WordPress template that mirrored their current site exactly. Once the custom WordPress template was built, we migrated their content from their existing site to their new WordPress website. 

This meant that the website was not only visible to customers, but that admins could make content changes as and when needed. 

Re-brand & Content Changes 

We also took this opportunity to carry out a light rebrand, adding the client’s new logo to the new website, and swapping the colourways of the website to match this new identity for brand consistency. We also made the urgent content amendments that were required on behalf of the client. 

Ongoing Support

We now provide the client with our WordPress Management Service, an SLA where we monitor their website for any concerning security signs, and are alerted when a WordPress core or plugin update becomes available. We can then promptly and manually carry out the update and run a series of tests to ensure the site is running smoothly, thus allowing us to keep the website updated and protecting it from security breaches. 

We also provide website hosting for the client which provides another level of security and peace of mind due to our secure infrastructure and monitoring capabilities.. 

Disaster Recovery Services 

If you are in need of Disaster Recovery Services, get in touch with us now and we can help.

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