What is GoCardless, and What Are The Benefits?

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We offer GoCardless direct debit payments via our invoicing system, Xero. But what is GoCardless, and why should you use it?

What Is GoCardless, and How Does It Work?

GoCardless is an online payment service that allows businesses to collect recurring and one-off payments directly from customers’ bank accounts, using Direct Debit.

To pay, users sign up using a form and complete a payment using GoCardless secure checkout. A payment plan will then be set up, meaning payments are automatically withdrawn in the future.

Why Use GoCardless Direct Debit?

Easy Setup

With GoCardless, you only need to set up payment once – simply complete a form and the payments will be taken out automatically. This means that unlike bank transfer, cheque or card payment, you won’t need to remember to pay next time. It also means no accidental disruptions to your service, due to missed or late payments.

No Need to Update Payment Details

Unless you change bank accounts, you wont need to worry about updating payment details – even if your card expires.

Payment Certainty & Planning

By setting up Direct Debit, you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying and when it will come out of your account. Additionally, you also receive a notification before the payment is taken out, giving you a chance to raise any issues if needed. This is a huge benefit to your budgeting – as you can plan in advance the outgoings of your business.

Secure Payments

With GoCardless, your payments are protected under the Direct Debit Guarantee, meaning you can cancel anytime if a payment is taken out by error. GoCardless is also ISO 27001 accredited – a standard for information security.

Time Saving Benefits

Gone are the days where you’ll need to input your card details every time you make a payment – instead, all of your details are saved and payments are taken out automatically when you should be expecting it.

Flexible Payments

What’s more, GoCardless and Direct Debit offer the option to switch from weekly/monthly payments to annual payments – meaning more manageable installments.

Set up GoCardless with Ballyhoo

If you would like to set up direct debit payments to pay your invoices with us, please contact us now and our Accounts team will be happy to set this up for you.

GoCardless for Your Business

We can help integrate GoCardless into your website if you are interested in collecting direct debits from your customers. This helps you to reduce costs and keep track of payments, and is ideal for subscription-based products or ongoing services. What’s more, GoCardless integrates with your business software (such as Sage and Xero), to automate payment collection. Interested? Contact us now for a chat on how we can help.

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