Which Type of Website Project is Right For You?

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Confused over the difference between a redesign and a refresh? We don’t blame you! There are several different types of website project that we might recommend depending on your current requirements and future goals. Read on to see what’s typically included in each type of project we take on.

Before we get started, we should mention that the project types listed below assume that you already have a website you’re looking to improve or replace. Ideally, historical analytics will be available to aid decision making, ensuring we can choose which course of action will best suit your circumstances. Aligning expectations, forward-thinking and data-driven decisions all ensure that the correct approach is taken.

Types of website project

Website Migration

  • Migrating structure, content and functionality to a new CMS or e-commerce platform (e.g. a WordPress migration) and maintaining look and feel without updating the user interface. 
  • A ‘straight swap’ that makes your site more robust, secure and easy to maintain. 
  • Recommended following platform discontinuation, as a remedy for disaster recovery or following a breakdown in communication with your previous developer or web design agency.

Website Facelift

  • Low stakeholder effort makes this an ideal option for busy owner-managers and marketing teams.
  • Focusing on improving UI and experience with minimal restructuring, content and functionality changes.
  • Improves coherence and usability by addressing elements including text styles, colour palette, spacing, imagery and accessibility. 
  • Ideal for modernisation and introducing new branding, along with performance and optimisation enhancements.
  • Can also include migration to a new platform to improve security and performance.

Website Refresh

  • Ideal for rejuvenating and refining websites to create a stable launchpad for future strategy and development.
  • Revamping the UI while retaining core website functionality and brand recognition. 
  • Includes everything involved in a website facelift, along with data-driven improvements to UX, information architecture and features.
  • This approach also tackles technical debt to improve speed, reliability and performance, which in turn all impact SEO.

Website Redesign

  • Wiping the slate clean with a complete strategy, structure, system and design overhaul.
  • Recommended when sites have been over-developed, suffered from feature-creep and are becoming costly to manage; leading to inconsistency and poor performance.
  • A process enhanced by thorough research, information architecture and stakeholder participation; this approach lays strong foundations for future functionality, longevity and performance based on bleeding-edge technologies.
  • Results in a highly optimised, cohesive and functional site with measurable KPIs and goals.

Which type of website project sounds like the right fit for you? If you’re still unsure on any aspect and would like to discuss your requirements, feel free to contact us.

Alison Chaffey


Alison is our Creative Director*. She has worked alongside Anthony to build the business since it was founded in 2009. Her passion is design and UX, and she has a laser eye-for-detail. In other words, she’s a web developer’s worst nightmare.