Why You Need to Add Captions To Your Social Media Videos

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There’s no getting away from Instagram’s current fixation on video, and it looks like video content is here to stay. Whichever platform you’re using – whether it’s a video based platform such as TikTok, or a mixed-content platform such as LinkedIn and Facebook – video is a powerful tool to help convert customers.

One thing that is overlooked when it comes to video are captions – which are vital features to help your content be successful and accessible.

Why Add Captions to Videos


Accessibility is the main reason why you need to add captions to your videos. When you add captions, you allow users who can’t watch or hear your videos to still consume your content. By not adding captions, you close yourself off to an entire community that could join your audience.

Silent Watchers

Studies show that 60% of people prefer to watch videos without sound. This is for many reasons including if they are out in public or in a quiet place. Using captions allows those users to still consume your content without having the audio on, gives context to what the video is about, and allows you to keep the attention of these users.

Aids Comprehension

Adding captions makes your content easier to understand, which is helpful for viewers who have a hard time understanding voices, accents or are new to your language. Giving the viewers opportunity to read and listen helps the content to stick in their brain.

Tips for Captioning Videos

Use The Auto Caption Tool

Most platforms now include auto-generated caption tools that auto-publish captions for your video. Simply click the captions sticker to enable. Always run through your video before publishing, checking that the captions are correct.

Colour Contrast

When adding captions straight to the video via the text tool, ensure that the colour of your text and the background have a good contrast, to ensure that they have good readability. 

Use Branded Typeface & Colours

You can also edit your videos in a video editor before uploading to TikTok or Instagram, to allow you to use your branded font and colours for the captions.

Adding captions to your videos is not a nice-to have, it is a must have. If you want your content to be successful on social media, then this is one feature that can’t be overlooked. Need help with your social media marketing? Contact us now to see how we can help. 

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