WordPress 6.2 Launch & New Features

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Stop what you’re doing as we have some exciting news – the latest WordPress version has dropped.

WordPress has launched the newest 6.2 version of the software, and there’s more features than ever. Keep reading to see what’s new.

WordPress 6.2

WordPress have launched their latest version called “Dolphy” – named after Eric Allan Dolphy Jr, a multi-instrumentalist known for bringing the bass clarinet to Jazz.

This version of WordPress aims to make editing even easier, with more ways to style your website.

Download WordPress 6.2

Buckle up and let’s see what WordPress 6.2 has to offer…

WordPress 6.2 Features

Site Editor

The site editor has had a facelift, with a new interface making it easier for you to preview your template and edit your site from any page.

Managing Menus with a Block

You will no longer edit your menus in the sidebar, and instead use the navigation block to add, remove and reorder menu items.

Block Themes

There are new templates for header and footers. 

Distraction Free Mode

This feature is ideal for content creators and blog writers, allowing you to hide all panels and controls whilst writing and creating.

Site Style Book

You can now quickly view how every block will look in your site, all in one glance.

Copy & Paste Styles

Exactly what it says on the tin. You can easily copy and paste styles to other blocks with the click of a button.

Custom CSS

Another welcome feature, allowing designers to add custom CSS to your website for a little extra creativity. 

Importing Widgets

This new feature helps you to import your favourite widgets easily from classic themes to block themes.

A Note On Updating

Before updating to WordPress 6.2, always make a backup of your website. Should something get broken, you will be able to revert – not losing your website which is precious to both you and your customers. 

Need help? We can keep your website and its plugins up-to-date – taking a backup and checking that all plugins are compatible with the newest versions of WordPress, doing post-update tests. Contact us now to get Ballyhoo’s help.

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