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We must admit, we found it a little difficult to find many words that begin with the letter X. However, we’ve scraped the barrel and included a few extras to help you along your way to becoming a web design and marketing pro. 


The experience that users get on a website is based on various elements – including design, ease of use, length of customer journey and more.


Better known as Twitter, X is the social media platform that has been in the headlines the last few months due to it’s continuous changes thanks to it’s new owner Elon Musk. Users on X can post updates in text, photo and video form.


Xero is an accounting software programme that allows businesses to keep track of bookkeeping and accounts. We use Xero and find it extremely useful, and recently linked to Ecologi Zero to help us calculate and identify our carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality.


Adobe XD is an application offered from Adobe that allows you to create prototypes that look and feel like the real thing – allowing you to communicate your design vision to your team. It is a vector based experience design platform, available on desktop.

X Height

In typography, the difference between the midline and baseline is the X height. For example, the space between the bottom and top of the letter ‘e’ is the X height.

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a file code located on your web server that lists all of the URLs on your website. Think of it as a blueprint for your website – showcasing each URL that makes up the structure of your site. Having an XML sitemap on your website helps search engines (such as Google) to crawl your website and rank each individual page. Wondering what XML stands for? EXtensible Markup Language.

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