Ballyhoo Now Providing Policies for Client Websites with GetTerms

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We have partnered with GetTerms to provide website policies for our clients – ensuring that you stay compliant with privacy laws and website best practices.

Having policies on your website helps you to remain compliant with the law, giving customers reassurance whilst browsing your website and helping them to shop with confidence. Policies should be added to every website – whether you provide products, services or information.

How Does It Work?

Partnering with, we can help you populate your policies for your website.

We can generate the following policies for you, which can be tailored across web, e-commerce, SaaS, blogs and apps:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Cookie Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy 

What’s the Process?

  • To start things off, we’ll have a phone call with you – which usually only takes around 20 minutes or less – to capture key data, such as who your data controller is and how long you keep private data for. 
  • While we’re on the call, the GetTerms system will populate your policies with the provided information, in a format ready to be uploaded to your website. 
  • You’ll receive a link to view the generated policy documents, to check over and understand your obligations.
  • With your approval, the policies are then added to your website by our team, typically  linked to from your website footer.

Here’s what our CEO Anthony Chaffey has to say regarding the ease of populating these documents “legal documents are often a sticking point with projects; we have the technical knowledge to know how the websites we build operate, and build them to handle date securely and with care, but we don’t necessarily have the legal qualifications to produce the required terms. It’s also important for clients to understand their obligations, especially in light of GDPR, so I’m delighted to have streamlined the process while protecting our clients”

Legal Aspect

GetTerms partners with lawyers to ensure that their policies are easy to read and meet high standards. They are written in line with UK laws, and are GDPR compliant.

Why Do Businesses Need Policies?

Certain policies are required to meet laws throughout both the UK and the rest of the world, and it is best practice to have these easily accessible on your website. For example, a Privacy Policy in order to publish the activities that your website performs, such as  capturing Analytics data for marketing purposes.

We would strongly advise that you have all four policies available on your website.

See an example of what these policies look like by viewing Ballyhoo’s Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy.

If you’re missing policies from your website, or your existing policies need updating, please get in touch now to chat about this package, and we can get you compliant in a jiffy.

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