Gmail New Feature – Customise Layouts

Gmail has released a brand new feature – one that could be beneficial to small businesses. Introducing Customise Layout, a new feature that allows you to customise the layout of your emails to replicate an email newsletter.

What is the Gmail Customise Layout Feature?

The new feature allows you to create emails that look better than simple text, and allows you to personalise them heavily – which could help boost conversion rates. The feature allows you to send up to 1,500 emails per day, and includes an unsubscribe link.

There are a variety of layouts to choose from, which you can then drop your text and images into. It also allows you to change the colour of backgrounds and buttons, choose a font, and add your logo – allowing you to give emails a branded look.

How to Use Gmail Customise Layout

To create a branded email:

  1. Compose an email
  2. In the bottom window, click the layouts icon
  3. Click customise/default styling, to add your logo, colours, links and more. Click save
  4. Select a layout and click insert
  5. Add text and images, and remove any sections that you don’t want. Remember to add alt text to your images

This feature is really interesting – will you be using it? If you need help from a Google Reseller, contact us now.

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