Google Reseller Services

We are Google Workspace Partners, meaning we can setup, manage and give you support with Google products.

Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace is a series of tools and apps that help your business with everyday tasks. We are partners of Google Workspace – also called Google Resellers – and we can help you manage your Google products.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a range of cloud business tools that includes Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Google Drive and more. These tools help you to communicate and collaborate with your team and customers.

What is a Google Workspace Partner/Reseller?

As a Google partner, we have access to exclusive tools which allow us to setup, manage, and administrate accounts, and troubleshoot any issues your team may experience.

Professional Support

We can manage and support your migration to Google Workspace – which helps to relieve pressure off your small business. This includes the planning process, through to the migration execution and ongoing support.

We are also able to provide support that Google does not have capacity for – meaning that we offer direct support for your individual needs.

Relieve IT Department Pressure

If your IT department is small or busy with everyday tasks (or non-existent!), we can relieve this stress by taking care of any Google administration that you need or issues that you experience – such as adding new users, updating storage and troubleshooting problems.

Custom Apps and Integrations

We can help you find other products that integrate with your existing apps, to help you run your business efficiently and give you the flexibility to scale your business – for areas such as accounting, project management, and invoicing.

Google Plans

With Google Resellers, there are multiple plans that you can choose from, each intended for various business needs and sizes. As a Google Reseller, we charge exactly the same amount as going direct to Google – meaning you get the personal support that you need which you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Business StarterBusiness Standard Business Plus
Price per user per month£6£12£18
Video meeting participants 100150500
Storage per user30GB (Pooled)2TB (Pooled)5TB (Pooled)
Security Control StandardStandard Enhanced security

Need more than 5TB of storage? Get in touch and we can offer custom packages for your needs. 

Note: We sometimes charge an additional setup fee, with the cost of this varying depending on your needs. 

If you’re interested in using us as your Google Reseller, or want more information, get in touch now to see how we can help.

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