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As mentioned in our previous blog, Google will soon be deprecating G Suite to focus on Google Workspace. Along with this change, Google is also increasing Workspace pricing. Here’s everything you need to know, and action required.

New Google Workspace Pricing

Google is increasing the pricing for current flexible plan customers, and is also introducing an annual plan for customers who want long-term commitment.

The price increase comes following 300 new features that Google released last year.

Google Pricing Table

Previous Pricing (per user/per month)New Pricing (per user/per month)Annual Pricing (per user/per month)

When Does Google Workspace Pricing Increase?

For existing customers with 10 or less licences, pricing will increase in January 2024. However, for those with 11 or more licences, the change will come sooner. Customers will be given 30 days notice before their account is updated.

Flexible Plan vs Annual Plan

Customers who are on a flexible plan are billed monthly for each user account, and you can add or remove accounts at any time, only paying for the accounts you have during that month.

Annual plans allow customers to purchase the plan for a full year, paying monthly. Pricing is based on the number of licences you have, and purchasing more licences results in an increase in your monthly rate. You’re billed monthly for a portion of your annual commitment, with billing taking place at the beginning of the month. To cancel your subscription without penalty, you must wait until the end of your Annual/Fixed-Term contract.

Choosing the annual plan is cheaper than the flexible plan, however it is important to note that with an annual plan, you cannot remove licences and lower your monthly payments until it’s time to renew your contract. Therefore if you remove licences often, or plan to in the next 12 months, then it may benefit you to stay on the flexible plan instead.

Actions Required

To benefit from the lower pricing, commit to an annual plan now by contacting us and we can set this up for you. If you are a Ballyhoo client and do not contact us, we will assume that you want to stay on the flexible plan at the higher rate, unless you inform us otherwise to commit to the annual 12 month plan.

If you need help with your Google settings, we are Google Resellers meaning that we can manage your Google accounts and products for you. Give us a call today to see how we can help on 0121 295 5352.

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