Living Wage Week 2023 – What It Means To Us

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This week marks the annual celebration of the Living Wage Week, and this year it’s more important than ever. Below, we discuss the importance of Living Wage Week, and what it means to us at Ballyhoo.

What is Living Wage?

The Living Wage is a voluntary rate which employers can choose to pay. It is independently calculated to reflect the actual cost of living in the UK, overseen by the Living Wage Foundation. It is higher than the Government’s National Minimum Wage, and ensures that staff earn a wage that they can live on.

We have been an accredited Living Wage employer since Spring 2022.

Living Wage Week 2023

In a time where costs are ever-increasing, and with the cost of living crisis affecting everyone, it’s important to celebrate the work that the Living Wage network does.

This week celebrates the 14,000 accredited employers that commit to ensure staff can live a dignified life. To celebrate, there are events running up and down the country, with press and employers raising awareness of the Living Wage.

How to celebrate Living Wage Week, or sign up your company, here.

What It Means to Us

We’re really proud to be a Living Wage accredited employer. We’ve always put our team first, but it’s good to be able to demonstrate to the world that we appreciate our team through many ways, including our commitment to fair wages.

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