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As we’re over half way through our glossary blogs, we wanted to celebrate by giving you a round of applause. But the work isn’t finished yet – you’re halfway to becoming a website and marketing expert! Let’s dive into jargon beginning with the letter N…


In programming, native code refers to code that is configured to run on a specific processor or operating system. Benefits of using native code are that it is fast and responsive, and is often more secure.


Your website navigation is the user interface that helps website visitors to find content on your website. This is also often called the website menu bar, which on desktop devices is commonly found at the top of the website and is shown on every page. Your website navigation should be easy to use, clear and concise, so that users can easily navigate your website and find the content that they are looking for.


A network is a set of computers that are linked in order to share resources and communicate with one another. Computers may be linked through cables, telephone wires, radio waves, satellites or infrared light beams. Computer networks allow you to operate virtually, integrate on a large scale and provide you with valuable data security.


Having a blog or news section of your website is great for user experience and SEO. News articles and blogs act as a way to include keywords, and also show to your readers that you are leaders in your industry – helping to build trust and brand loyalty. It’s also a great place to showcase information and updates on your business and brand.


Newsletters are emails sent to your email list, informing your audience of latest news, tips or updates that relate to your business and the products and services that it offers. Newsletters are a great way to build a relationship with your audience, and to communicate directly with your customers in a personalised way.

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National Fire Safety Services offer fire risk assessments to keep buildings and businesses safe. We built a platform for users to keep track of their properties, and we are currently working on creating a booking system to allow users to book fire assessments online.


In marketing, a niche market is a segment of a broader market that is defined by a unique trait – such as needs, preferences or identity that makes it different from the rest of the market. Promoting and selling your product or service to a niche audience has many benefits, as it allows you to reach your target market, focus your resources, and build brand loyalty.

Norfolk Constabulary SSC

Norfolk Constabulary Sports and Social Club provides a range of social and sporting opportunities for its members who comprise police officers, police staff, special constabulary and retired colleagues. We created their website to allow members to login and view events.

Nottinghamshire Police Federation

Nottinghamshire Police Federation provides representation and resources for the officers and staff within their local constabulary. They provide everything from legal advice to reduced price attraction tickets. We created a new, modern and fresh website for Nottinghamshire Police Federation, that included safe and secure user registration.

See the website project here.


NPM is the world’s largest software registry with over 800,000 code packages, used for Javascript programming. 


Neil Soundy Financial Services is a father-and-son team that specialises in providing advice on buying properties and remortgaging. 

We first created the NSFS website on the Ballyhoo Refresh platform in 2017, and recently migrated the website with its content and data over to WordPress. We also added multisite, allowing NSFS to promote various services under the same umbrella.

See the website project here.

Now that you’re all caught up on marketing & digital marketing words that begin with the letter N, why not read our design glossary?

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