New Google Voice Update & Features

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Google Voice has announced new features allowing businesses to configure automatic recording of calls, also allowing employees to record calls as needed.

Google Voice Update

The new feature has been rolling out since 23rd June 2022, with all users having access by 11th July 2022.

The new feature and settings allow you to:

  • Enable and disable automatic recording of incoming calls, outgoing calls, or both per organisational unit or group – available to customers on Google Voice Premier plan
  • Customise recording announcements
  • Enable and disable on-demand recording per organisational unit or group and customise recording announcements – available to customers on the Google Voice Standard and Premier plans

Recordings will be available to users whose calls were recorded. To access and export these recordings, navigate to your Google Vault.

Action Required

Call recordings will be available to all users this month, but in the meantime you can take the following steps:

  1. Enable automatic recording for relevant organisational units and groups
  2. Disable on-demand recording for relevant organisational groups
  3. Customise recording announcements

Learn how to configure call recordings here.

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