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We are proud to have a high client retention rate, often working with our clients for many years (and even decades!) on end. One such organisation is the Police Federation – over the years we’ve been delighted to work with no less than nine individual county Police Federations across the country.

What Does This Say About Us?

Supporting several clients within a parent organisation and being recommended to regional colleagues by clients shows us that we do an exceptional job, and that our customer service and support is second to none. We currently have 25 clients that we’ve been working with for over 5 years, and have 88% retention rate for the last 12 months!

Police Federations We Currently Work With

Police Federations support members in their local county to navigate the daily stresses of work on the front line, providing guidance and resources for matters such as pay, conditions, safety and equality. We’ve been honoured to work with a variety of Police Federations across the country, creating websites and allowing members to access important information.

Cambridgeshire Police Federation 

Launched on 15th August 2013, Website Redesign April 2023

Back in 2013, we designed the first Cambridgeshire Police Federation website using Joomla, giving their officers and staff a place to access resources including legal advice, health retreats and welfare caravan stays.

Ten years later, Cambridgeshire Police Federation came back to us wanting to redesign the website to update the navigation and modernise. Having supported the website throughout the last decade we had excellent insights into how the organisation works and their requirements. We therefore created the new website on WordPress, consolidating and streamlining content and updating the system so that members could more intuitively find the content they need.

When redesigning the website, we also recreated their well known Federation crest in a vector format to modernise it.

Key Features:

  • Client since 2013
  • Joomla to WordPress Migration
  • Bespoke design and development of custom Federation reps and member blocks
  • Sponsored Banners
  • Welfare Caravans availability

View the project here.

Bedfordshire Police Federation

Launched on 6th November 2015, Website Resign in progress 2023

Like the majority of the Police Federations we’ve worked with, Bedfordshire Police Federation have been clients for many years, benefitting from support and updates to their site.

We initially developed their website in 2015, and were approached in 2023 to discuss a redesign project. This gave us the opportunity to migrate the website to WordPress, to make it easier for admins to manage content as well as create a responsive website with the functionality and design that they had in mind.

The new website will clearly display member offers in various categories, as well as partners and advertisers that offer exclusive discounts or important information.

Key Features will include:

  • Joomla to WordPress migration
  • Bespoke design and development of custom Federation reps and member blocks
  • Advertiser banners
  • Search functionality

Staffordshire Police Federation

Launched on 12th November 2015

We created the current Staffordshire Police Federation website in 2015 and redesigned it based on an older version to have a more sleek and modern look. It’s a testament to the quality of the initial build and ongoing support that the site is still fully operational today.

We used Google Analytics data to inform our decisions, including using a responsive design due to an increase in mobile and tablet visits at the time. The design was modified to adapt at specific break-points allowing the website to be viewed at its best regardless of the resolution of the user’s device.

We also created a custom online booking system for the holiday homes owned by Staffordshire Police Federation, available for booking exclusively by members and their immediate families. Admins can easily add availability and pricing for future dates, which users can then view on the website and submit a booking online.

Key Features

  • User Registration
  • Custom booking system
  • National news feed
  • Sponsor banners
  • Search
  • Google Maps

Police Federations We’ve Worked With

Due to budget constraints and the nature of leadership turnover within the Federation, the following Police Federations are no longer on our books, however we still have a great relationship with them and continue to spotlight our work.

Nottinghamshire Police Federation

Launched on 21st April 2014, Website Redesign 2018

Nottinghamshire Police Federation came to Ballyhoo on recommendation from colleagues at another Police Federation we already worked with. In 2018, we redesigned their website, migrating it from Joomla to WordPress, to make it easier to support and to manage content. This also allowed us to develop the website from scratch with a fully-functional and responsive design. 

We created the functionality to require members to login and register for an account in order to view helpful resources and exclusive offers.

Key Features:

  • Joomla to WordPress migration
  • User registration
  • Sponsor banners
  • Search
  • FAQs

View the project here.

Suffolk Police Federation

Launched on 19th December 2013

We designed and developed the Suffolk Police Federation website, after they contacted us following seeing our other work with the Norfolk and Cambridgeshire Police Federations. 

Their previous website was outdated, so we created a new site improving usability and expanding functionality.

We are delighted with the website, it’s a million times better than we had before.

Mick Richardson, JBB Secretary

We built functionality for a login and restricted access feature that requires members to register, and for admins to authorise/approve their access,  before they can view certain resources. 

Key Features:

  • SMS Alert registration
  • Online polls
  • National Police Federation news feed
  • Restricted content
  • Sponsor banners

Norfolk Police Federation

Launched on 10th February 2015

Having worked with Norfolk Police Federation for many years (originally building the site back in the mid-2000s and providing a support and maintenance service since then) we were proud to be asked to give their website the facelift they desired. 

We updated their Joomla content managed website to a more modern design, ensuring that it continued to appear professional and was easy to navigate for members. 

As with all websites, we updated the new site in a temporary online environment, where we could carry out development without affecting the live site.

Key Features:

  • Client since 2000s
  • Website facelift
  • Members only area
  • National News feed
  • Latest news
  • Featured article
  • Advertising banners

Hertfordshire Police Federation

Launched on 24th March 2014

After working with Hertfordshire Police Federation for many years to add minor iterations to the website, in 2014 we redesigned their website for their growing needs. An important part of this redesign was to make it mobile friendly.

Always a first class service. Continue to provide an exceptional service and prompt turn around in maintaining our website.

Helen Beavis, Office Manager

We designed the website with strong imagery to create a sense of belonging for members, using the well known blue colour shades of the Police Federation. 

Key Features:

  • Website redesign
  • Latest and featured news
  • Sponsor banners
  • Google Maps
  • User registration
  • Tiled slideshow
  • National news RSS feed

Essex Police Federation

Launched 2010

We created the Essex Police Federation website using Joomla, again allowing members to view helpful resources online, along with exclusive offers and discounts.

Key Features:

  • Website Design
  • Latest news
  • Sponsor banners

Devon & Cornwall Police Federation

Launched 2009

The Devon and Cornwall Police Federation website was built to give members access to resources that they previously could not access. This site was taken on as a legacy client of Web Media Works (Anthony’s former company), where we supported the site including adding new functionality, until a redesign which launched in 2009.

Key Features:

  • Website design
  • Latest news
  • Sponsor banners
  • Event calendar
  • 90 Days Due notice
  • FAQs

Work With Us

Whether you are a Police Federation or are in need of a website, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation with our friendly team, who will discuss your requirements and build you a custom project to help your business reach your target audience and grow.

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