Stripe Pricing Update 2023

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Stripe has announced that from 10th April 2023, fees will be increased for UK customers.

Stripe Pricing Increase

Fees for card processing and disputes will be higher from April. The increase is due to higher network costs and underlying service costs.

New Stripe Fees

Please see the comparison table below for new prices, compared to the current pricing.

Current PriceNew Price from 10/4/23
Transaction Fee – Standard UK cards1.4% + £0.201.5% + £0.20
Transaction Fee – Premium UK cards1.4% + £0.201.9% + £0.20
Transaction Fee – International cars2.9% + £0.203.25% + £0.20
Transaction Fee – European cards2.5% + £0.202.5% + £0.20
Dispute Fees£15£20

You can also view the full pricing change summary here.

Reducing Card Processing Costs

We recently posted about Stripe’s new feature, Link – a one click checkout. This helps customers increase conversions whilst reducing card processing costs. Card payments processed via Link start from 1.2% + £0.20 per transaction.

If you need help with Stripe processing, or setting up your e-commerce website to take Stripe payments, please contact our website developers now.

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