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Stripe is continuously growing and adding new features, innovating to make it easier for customers to check out.

Stripe already uses the Payment Request Button, which allows customers to check out faster using Apple Pay and Google Pay, but a new Stripe Link feature makes this even easier.

Stripe Link Feature

From 10th November 2022, Stripe will be launching Link – a one-click checkout experience using the Payment Request Button. Link allows customers to store their payment details so that they can pay in one click across thousands of websites on the Internet.

Stripe will show users the Google Pay, Apple Pay and Link button to allow returning customers to easily auto-fill their payment details, rather than having to enter them manually. With this tool, conversion rates could increase by 7% as it eases the customer journey and makes it seamless and easy to purchase from your website.

An overview of Link

  • Autofill repeat customers’ payment details
  • Pay in one click
  • Account verification
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Speeds up checkout
  • Integrates seamlessly

Actions Required

If you’re a Ballyhoo customer, contact us today to discuss implementing Link on your website.

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