The Latest Instagram Updates & New Features – June 2022

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Instagram is on a roll this year, regularly releasing a range of new features for businesses and creators to use. Here’s the latest updates.

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Action Button

Full Screen Home Page Layout

Reels Updates

Action Button

Instagram is testing action buttons on business profiles – allowing users to directly contact or purchase from businesses. An action button appears on your profile, beside the ‘Contact’ button.

The button choices are as follows:

  • Book now: Book an appointment
  • Reserve: Make a reservation at a restaurant
  • Order food: Get food delivery or takeaway from a business

These action buttons tie directly to third-party providers. For example, if you choose Book now, you can direct users to EventBrite. There are currently a limited number of providers as Instagram rolls out the feature to more accounts.

To add an action button: 

  1. Tap Edit profile
  2. Under Public business information, tap Contact options. Alternatively, tap ‘Edit Profile’
  3. Tap Add an action button
  4. Select the action button you want to add to your business profile and tap Save (iOS) or the tick icon (Android)
  5. After you’ve entered the website URL, tap Save (iOS) or the tick icon (Android)

Instagram is also testing a Get Quote button, which allows users to fill out their information on a form type layout – either a custom form or standard form. Once set up, accounts can also use the Get Quote sticker on Instagram stories, further allowing users to request a quote, which businesses can respond to in Instagram Direct Messages.

Full Screen Home Page Layout

Instagram has launched an updated version of its new full-screen main feed test, similar to TikTok. The new screen layout expands all Instagram posts, including static images, videos and reels.

Videos and Reels are expanded to full-screen style, and the navigation bar and description are overlaid on the content. Image posts have captions and nav bars placed below.

Reels Updates

Remix for Photos

This new feature allows users to create Reels based on posted content which can be made into clips. You can remix other users videos by responding or reinventing. This allows users to re-use content.

Audio Files

Instagram now allows users to upload their own audio files to Reels – importing sound from any video in their camera roll that is at least 5 seconds long. Once posted, other users can use these audio files.

Reel Length

Users can now post Reels up to 90 seconds long, a vast increase from the previous 15 second length. Reels ads have a length limit of 60 seconds.

Reel Stickers

You can now add Instagram Story stickers to your Reels. Adding interactive elements mean that you can boost engagement on your Reels. Stickers include quiz, emoji sliders and poll stickers.

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