Ballyhoo launches Sustainabrum Website on Green Hosting

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Earlier this week Ballyhoo launched a replacement website for Sustainabrum, after their original website went offline and they were no longer able to reach their audience.

Who Are Sustainabrum?

Sustainabrum showcases the extensive variety of sustainable businesses in Birmingham, with a directory to allow people to find a sustainable shop or service. Sustainabrum also provides tips and guidance on their social media profiles to help people to become more sustainable.

Sustainabrum’s original website had experienced issues and went offline, leading them to seek our Disaster Recovery Service. We created a WordPress website for them, mimicking their previous website’s design, with CMS features to allow them to edit and manage content.

The Website Project

We created an easy-to-use website using WordPress, that resembled their old website’s design and format. The beauty of WordPress is that, as a CMS, it is easy for admins to edit and manage content – which was vital to allow Sustainabrum to continually add business profiles of businesses in Birmingham.

Sustainability is at the heart of both Sustainabrum and Ballyhoo, so it’s great that we are now able to host their website on our Certified Green Hosting. This means that their website now runs on renewable energy.

We have also set up page redirects, ensuring that existing search engine rankings are maintained.

Email Marketing

Sustainabrum wanted to connect with their community by building a newsletter to keep in touch with business directory owners and customers from their face-to-face markets.

We advised Sustainabrum to use EcoSend – an email campaign platform that focuses on offsetting and reducing the emissions from email marketing, and therefore eliminating its carbon footprint. Their platform uses an efficient infrastructure and lighter features to reduce emissions, which makes it an ideal option for Sustainabrum who focus on sustainability.

We set up and optimised an EcoSend account for Sustainabrum, ensuring that DNS records were set to comply with Google’s latest security rules, and advised them to use HTML-only emails, to reduce the email weight, and therefore its processing and storage requirement on users devices, using less energy.

We also created a branded sign-up form for their website footer, seamlessly fitting it into the website and allowing users to sign up quickly and with ease.

What’s Next

We’re excited to be planning to make this website a shining example of sustainable web design in the near future. Check back soon for more details!

Ballyhoo managing director, Anthony Chaffey, has said, “We’ve been working with Sustainabrum for a little while now, since they listed Ballyhoo as one of the sustainable-focused businesses in their business profiles. This partnership works particularly well as we’re both proud Birmingham businesses with a passion for sustainability, so when they needed assistance getting their website back online we were more than happy to help. We’re looking forward to working with them further to develop something special.” 

Jen from Sustainabrum has said “Huge thank you to the team at Ballyhoo for creating our website for us! Anthony and Rebecca interpreted our brief precisely, created a wonderful website for us, responded to our feedback and adapted the site accordingly and wrote detailed instructions on how to keep the website updated ourselves. We are also really exciting that our website is now on Green Hosting! We would highly recommend Ballyhoo!”

See the new Sustainabrum website here.

If you need help with your website, or want to host your website with a sustainable website agency, contact our friendly team on 0121 295 5352 now.

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