I is for…

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Look at you go – increasing your marketing and web design knowledge AND supporting little old us. Here’s a virtual high-five! Keep reading, you’re not quite done yet… 


Every company and brand needs a visual identity. Sometimes referred to as branding, the visual elements that make up your identity include your logo, typography, colour palette, imagery, and even how formal your tone of voice is. The unique combination of these elements sets you apart from the competition.


iFrames are used in website design – they are a HTML element that loads another HTML page within the document. iFrames are commonly used for embedding videos and interactive content, allowing you to include a piece of content anywhere on your page from other sources.


An Illustration is a visualisation made by an artist to explain an idea, concept or process, and can be created in a range of mediums. They sometimes include text.

Illustrations are often used in advertising and website design, providing a visual representation or example of what is being shared, making it a message clear.


Images are used across all websites, and appear in most marketing techniques. As humans process visual information quicker than text, images are a great way to quickly portray useful information, and usually receive high engagement.

There are a variety of image formats, such as JPG, PNG and GIF.


Impressions are a metric used in marketing to quantify the number of digital views or engagements a piece of content has. Impressions show the number of views your content has, regardless of if it was clicked on or engaged with. The higher your impressions, the more timely and relevant your content is.


Indexing is a process used by search engines to crawl the internet to discover web pages, organising and storing this information in a database called an Index. Content that has been indexed is ranked and displayed in the search results pages – allowing users to find answers to their search queries.

Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is home to Ballyhoo HQ, along with many other brilliant businesses. The centre was built over 10 years ago, in the heart of Longbridge town centre – a prime location for all upcoming businesses. Close to Herbert’s Yard, Longbridge Train Station, and all of the major UK motorways, it’s the ideal location!


The Inspect tool is used by front-end developers to modify the appearance of a web page, as well as getting information from the page such as viewing errors or cookies. It allows developers to view and edit the website’s source code, without making changes to the backend of the website.


One of the biggest social media platforms, Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows users to connect with others. With 28.81 million users, Instagram is popular all around the world, with individuals, celebrities and businesses alike.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a category of property that includes: inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. Intellectual Property is protected under the law, where copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets enable people to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they create.


Interaction Design is the process of creating interactive products and services by focusing on how users interact with your content. The goal is to improve the interactive experience, to then increase engagement and conversions.


An interface is a shared boundary across two or more components in a computer system, who then exchange information.

User interfaces in website design control how users interact with a website app, ensuring elements are easy to access and understand, and can be used to facilitate the required actions. This includes forms and where buttons are placed on a web page.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is the process of adding links to your website that link to other pages or posts on your site. This is a key activity within SEO – as it helps Google to understand what pages relate to what subject matter.


The Internet is a network that connects computers all over the world, allowing people to share information, connect and communicate from anywhere with an Internet connection. It began evolving in 1969 (and became popular in the 1990s), and now over 2 billion people around the world use it everyday! You probably use it in most parts of your life – checking Twitter, reading the news, texting friends, uploading photos to iCloud, tracking your workout/steps, watching Netflix, and of course – ordering those all important weekend takeaways.


InVision is a prototyping tool created for designers, and allows users to quickly and easily create interactive mockups for your designs. You can then share mockups with your team or clients, presenting design ideas easily and effectively.

IP Address

An IP address is a unique string of characters that identifies each computer, used to communicate over a network. In digital marketing, an IP address can be used to target consumers on a specific internet network, by sending advertisements to the IP addresses accessing that network.

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H is for…

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The next instalment in our series – words beginning with the letter H! Keep reading to find out more.

Halesowen Self Drive

Halesowen Self Drive is a van hire company based in the West Midlands, with a fleet consisting of over 20 transit vehicles. They offer an affordable and practical solution for short and long term transportation requirements. 

We have worked with Halesowen Self Drive to create a strong brand, and helped design and develop an interactive website that includes features to make it easy for customers to obtain quotes and book van hire online.

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A website’s header is the section located at the top of every page on a website. This appears directly above the main body content, and is used to promote your brand and make your site instantly recognizable. Website headers usually include the company logo & name, menu navigation (links to product/service pages and contact information), and search and cart icons.

Herbert’s Yard

‘Who’s Herbert?’ we hear you ask. No, it isn’t one of our team members – but rather the street food venue over the road from us in Longbridge. With an indoor and outdoor space, Herbert’s Yard hosts 6-8 independent food vendors every weekend, and also offers space for special events. Most Fridays you will find us eating a Herbert’s Yard lunch – and Anthony and Alison have even been known to venture there on both Saturdays and Sundays too!


Hexadecimal is a numeral system that contains 16 sequential numbers, used to simplify how binary is represented. It contains the following numbers and letters 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F, with each digit reflecting a 4-bit binary sequence. Common uses of hexadecimal include colour references (Hex codes), assembly language programs, and error messages.


We take a holistic approach to our projects – looking at every activity as a whole interconnected entity and understanding the bigger picture. We know that every act has a knock on effect, and we always identify and address these before taking on projects.


Here at Ballyhoo, we believe in honesty – which is why we are fully transparent in everything we do. We build human connections and strengthen our customer and client relationships by being transparent in what we deliver.


No, we aren’t trying to be a Gen-Z Santa Claus. ‘Hoo is the last part of our name – Ballyhoo. Ballyhoo is defined as “extravagant publicity or fuss”, and we believe that our approach to web design and digital marketing will get your brand in front of people.


Website hosting is a service through which storage and computing resources are provided for the holding and maintenance of websites. Hosting stores website files, making it available for viewing online. The main types of hosting are shared, dedicated, VPS and reseller, which use different types of technology.

We offer a Website Hosting service that keeps your website fast, secure and available to your customers 24/7, on our very own managed servers.


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language – and is the building blocks of a website. HTML is a language that is used to create a structure for web content and pages, to display in a web browser. HTML elements have a start and end tag, with content in the middle, for example: 

<h2>This is a heading two</h2>.


HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, and is the foundation of any data exchange on the Web. Searching the internet uses communication between web clients (e.g. computers) and servers – and this is done by sending HTTP requests and receiving HTTP responses.


Similarly, HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, which appears when a website has an SSL certificate. This means that secure communication and encryption is used – helping to keep customer data safe.

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G is for…

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What do you think of when someone says the word ‘Google’ to you? Do you think of the search engine, or the company that owns it? In this post we explore jargon beginning with the letter G, including Google. 


You’ve probably heard of GDPR, but many don’t understand what it is. The General Data Protection Regulation was brought into effect in 2018, to help keep consumers’ details safe, and governs the way in which we can use, process, and store personal data.

Learn more about GDPR

Glam Lamb

Glam Lamb provides free range, luxury lamb products direct from their farm in Wales, which is then delivered fresh to customers’ houses, or can be collected from their farm. We worked with Glam Lamb to develop and design an e-commerce website that allowed customers to order online and view the range of products.

Go Cardless

Go Cardless is an online tool used to make Direct Debit payments easier. The tool allows users to set up both recurring and one-off payments directly from their bank accounts – which can be used for business invoices, software subscriptions and bill payments.


Google isn’t just a search engine – it is a multinational technology company that offers various services. This includes the free internet browser that most of us use daily, but the company also offers online advertising technologies, cloud computing, software and hardware – such as the Google Pixel smartphone range.


In website design, a grid is used to guide designers with where to place elements on a web page. These guidelines incorporate margins, spaces, and columns, which creates a consistent framework for the page’s content.


Graphics are visual images or designs to inform, illustrate or entertain. Online, graphics are used to enhance or enable the representation of an idea or feeling, and also help to define brands. Graphics enhance user experience, and deliver the best possible representation of content in a more manageable and readable way compared to text alone.


Ballyhoo was founded over 10 years ago, and since then we have experienced large amounts of growth. We’ve had the opportunity to work with brilliant businesses, we’ve grown as a team, and ultimately have grown our skills and experience with this.

G Suite/Google Workspace

Previously named G Suite, Google Workspace is a collection of products and services developed by Google. This includes cloud computing and apps – such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet and more. It is a great tool for business owners and teams to collaborate at work.


Gulp.js is an open source Javascript toolkit that allows developers to automate development tasks and repetitive workflows and compose them into efficient pipelines.

And there we have it – another letter of the alphabet complete! Time is flying, and before we know it we will be half way through the alphabet. Tune in next month to learn all about definitions beginning with H. 

F is for…

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There is a surprisingly large amount of words that begin with F for our next installment of our series, so we had better get started…


Facebook is a social media platform founded in 2004. It allows users to create profiles, to connect with their friends, family and other people online – allowing them to publish posts, share pictures, and share online articles and opinions. It allows users to build a community and to stay connected with people across the world.

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Facilities Integration

Facilities Integration is a specialist architectural consultancy that provides planning, building concept design and process architecture to the life sciences sector. We recently worked with them to create a new, refined design-led website, with functionality to allow projects to be exhibited and industry news and articles to be shared.

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Feefo is an independent feedback service, used by businesses to get reviews from customers. This allows businesses to build up trust with consumers and increase their reputation. Feefo offers various badges that can also be added to business websites and social media platforms – to showcase reviews. Ballyhoo has acquired over 133 reviews on Feefo from our wonderful clients.

See our Feefo reviews


A file is a storage unit on a computer, with all data being ‘written’ in a file and ‘read’ from a file. A file can be a document, picture, audio or video stream, data library, application, or other collection of data, and is identified by a filename.


FileZilla is a cross-platform FTP application, allowing users to transfer files to or from a remote computer. The software is free and open source, and can run on Windows and Mac devices.


Mozilla Firefox is a free website browser that allows users to browse information on the internet. It’s open source – meaning it has been created by a community of people all over the world.


In website design, a user flow is the path or journey that a user on a website or app takes to complete a task – e.g. purchasing a product. Optimising user flow involves making it easier for users to move through points on the website, to ultimately help increase website conversions.


In website design, fluidity is where the widths of page elements are proportional to the width of the screen or browser. This design expands or contracts based on the width of the screen, making websites usable and responsive across various devices and screen dimensions.


In website design, ‘Above the fold’ is the content that fills your screen, before a user has to scroll down. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a clear and descriptive headline and strong CTA above the fold on all of your website pages.


On social media platforms, a follow represents a user who chooses to see all of another user’s posts in their content feed. This is a common objective of businesses, as it allows them to increase their post impressions and engagements.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a font and icon toolkit, that allows you to use scalable vector images that can be customised with CSS. Icons are used on websites around the world to add visual elements to pages – which you can easily customise.

A website’s footer is the section located at the bottom of every page on a website. This appears directly below the main body content, and is used to help visitors by adding information and navigation options at the bottom of web pages. Often, website footers include the company logo, contact details, social media icons, and useful links.

File Format

File format is a standard way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file, with the file name often ending in a suffix which denotes the file format. Examples of formats for graphics include JPG, GIF, and PNG, whilst common document formats include DOC and PDF. Each of these file formats are designed with a specific purpose in mind.


You have probably heard us talk about website functionality in the past – which ultimately means what a website can do and how it works. This includes actions that a website can perform and how they interact with content.

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E is for…

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In the fifth installment of our Ballyhoo Glossary series, we explore all website and marketing jargon beginning with the letter E. 


Here at Ballyhoo, we like to sometimes be a little eccentric. We like to propose outside of the box ideas – that will light up your eyes when we present them. Our innovative ideas make us stand out from the crowd. 


E-commerce is the buying and selling of products or services via the internet. Sales require the transfer of money and data to complete the transactions, and E-commerce websites facilitate these transactions to allow users from around the world to make purchases. 


Did you know that email was first invented in 1971? It stands for Electronic Mail, and is the exchanging of messages between users via electronic devices. Emails can be sent and received by anyone that has an email address, and these messages can contain text, images, files, links and attachments.


Embedding is when you place third-party content on your website, rather than linking to it. Integrating links, images, videos and other content means that website visitors will not need to leave your site in order to consume content – encouraging them to stay and engage with your content.


We know how important the environment is, and that’s why we believe in doing our bit to help save it. We are a paperless company, and always encourage our team to walk or cycle to work where possible – to help cut down on emissions. We are continuously learning new ways to help the environment, and if you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them over on Twitter

Equal Opportunities

We support diversity in the workplace, both to meet the requirements of law but on an ethical basis. When hiring, we base our decisions on skills, experience and creativity – regardless of race, gender, marital status, disabilities, sexuality or religious beliefs.


We believe in fairness in the workplace for all employees – which is why we pride ourselves in treating our staff with respect and giving them equal opportunities, and encouraging a safe working environment. 


We like ideas here at Ballyhoo – and the bigger the better. When we get these big ideas, we usually have a Eurika! Moment – where everything just seems to piece together. Almost like a jigsaw!


Eurofyre is a global supplier of specialist fire detection and associated safety products. We have worked with them for nearly a decade, refreshing and updating their website over this time, and ensuring that it is up to speed with modern trends, tools and techniques.

See the project


We pride ourselves on our excellent work and results, including our outstanding customer service. We thrive to deliver above and beyond for every project we undertake, and like to exceed expectations. Don’t believe us? Read our reviews to see just how excellent we really are.


Since we were founded in 2009, we’ve always strived to solve problems and create successful websites – which we do so by drawing on our years of experience. Combined, the team has over 50 years of experience in the industry. That’s a lot! 


Internet Explorer was a free web browser, developed by Microsoft in 1995. Commonly called IE or MSIE, it allowed users to view web pages on the internet. Old versions of the browser had bad reputations for security vulnerabilities, and in general IE had a slow rate of support for new web design techniques. Windows now uses Microsoft Edge as default – which is a more stable and faster browser – but you’d be surprised how many people still access the internet using Explorer! 

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D is For…

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The letter D is of course for December, but it’s also for Database, Design, and Device Lab – plus many more! Read our glossary of all things marketing and website design below.


Data is the collection of information. 

In marketing, it is information taken from various places, which can be used to make informed decisions about marketing activities, products or services, and pricing. 


A database is the organised collection of this data, managed in a database management system. A web database can be accessed from a local network or the internet. Data is stored in tables. The most commonly used database system is MySQL – which integrates well with a server side programme language called PHP. 


In website design, ‘bugs’ are errors and faults that occur in a computer program or system. They cause the website to not function properly, and can affect website usability. 

To ‘debug’ a website is the process of finding and resolving bugs. Developers can use DevTools to do this which allows them to inspect specific components for the desired device-browser combinations. 


We’ve been in business for over a decade – having formed in 2009. Since then, our team has grown, we’ve established Longbridge Device Lab, had a rebrand, and have moved into a bigger office! 

Derricks Music

Derricks Music is a record shop based in Swansea, and also sells tickets for events venues across South Wales. We have worked with Derricks Music for over a decade, recently refreshing their website to introduce new functionality for admins and users.

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Website design refers to the planning, conceptualising and production of websites, from structure and layout, to colours, content and fonts. The process includes graphic design, user interface design, user experience design, and SEO, to ensure that the website is functional for users, and responsive on various devices. 


A desktop computer is used to describe any personal computer that is designed to be used in a single location or on a desk, due to its power requirements. Desktop devices have landscape orientations, meaning content can stretch across the screen in a wide space – compared to mobile devices which use a portrait orientation. When websites are designed and developed, they are done so with both desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile devices in mind.


Website development is the building and continuous maintenance of websites, including both the back-end and front-end of a website. This process includes web design, web content development, client and server side scripting, and more. The maintenance aspect includes all of the work to update and manage a website to ensure its performance, speed and user experience are optimal. 

Device Lab

We opened Longbridge Device Lab in 2015, as a free to access public project that provided hands-on access to test websites and apps, across a range of devices. Unfortunately Longbridge Device Lab is no longer up and running, however we are hugely proud of establishing the Midlands’ first open device lab. 


Digital Marketing is the promotion of brands to connect with their target audience using the internet and electronic devices, such as computers, phones, tablets and other devices. Examples of this include search engines, social media, email, and SMS messaging. Using these channels, companies can promote their products, services and brand.

Discount Fire Supplies

Discount Fire Supplies are one of the UK’s leading retailers of fire safety products and accessories. We have worked with DFS for many years, and recently redesigned their website. We have also designed their email campaigns for them. 

See the project 


Domain Name System is the directory (also thought of as a ‘phonebook’) of the internet. It is a hierarchical naming system for computers, which associates information with domain names. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses, so that a user’s browser can load the website and internet resources. 


A domain name is the address of your website, which is used to identify your site on the internet. This is what users type in the browser URL bar to visit your website. Domain names are available in different extensions, such as, .com, or .org. It’s recommended that you secure your company or brand name domain with various extensions as well as with common alternative spellings or even misspellings to ensure brand protection.


Google Drive is a file storage service launched in 2012 by Google. It allows users to store files (such as documents, photos, audio and videos) in the cloud, and synchronise across devices. It is a powerful and easy to use software, and allows users to backup their files from anywhere in the world. Google Drive is also a good tool for any businesses that have a Google Workspace account, which allows you to collaborate with your team. We are Google Resellers – meaning we can manage and set up your Google accounts for your team. 

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C is for…

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The third installment of our blog series – and it’s a long one! From Chrome to Code, and Click Through Rate to CRM, we’ve got it all covered in the blog below. Keep reading to find out more. 

Cambridgeshire Police Federation

Cambridgeshire Police Federation represents the men and women of Cambridgeshire Constabulary. They provide advice on issues that affect their police officers and members. 

We created a responsive website for Cambridgeshire Police Federation some years ago and continue to support them with site maintenance and content additions.

See the project


Similar to Basket, a cart is a feature on a website that allows users to add products that they want to buy, and see the total cost of these products plus shipping and payment options.


Categories appear on websites and blogs to group pages/posts together based on a similar subject or theme. Categories also give structure to a website’s content and help it to be discoverable by users and search engines alike.


The checkout page on a website is where the basket/cart takes the user to complete their purchase. Users will need to input their shipping details and will complete the payment process.


Google Chrome is a free web browser that was released in 2008 that you can use to browse the internet. It is free, fast and secure and can be used on various devices including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Chrome allows you to have a personalised experience by using Chrome Extensions, that allow you to change your browser functionality.


A class is an attribute in website design coding that allows you to apply unique style properties to groups of HTML elements. This allows you to achieve your desired web page appearance, such as having a heading in a particular font size and colour, or a specific layout for buttons.


Command Line Interface or CLI, processes commands to a computer program in the form of lines of text, used to view and manage computer files.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR) 

Clicks are important as they represent an interested visitor. CTR is the number of clicks that you receive divided by the number of times your ad is shown, and measures the percentage of impressions that resulted in a click. It is used to measure the success of your online advertising campaigns, such as how well your keywords and ads are doing, and can also be used in email marketing and social marketing too. The higher your CTA, the better the campaign. A good CTR is relative to your industry, keywords you’re using, and campaigns within your account. 

Clicks ÷ impressions = CTR 


The cloud, or cloud computing, is the on-demand availability of computer system resources that do not require direct management from the user. Users can use the internet to access their resources such as applications and servers.


Content Management System, or CMS, refers to software used to manage the creation and improvements of digital content, such as a website. A CMS is available in a user-friendly interface, meaning that many users are able to access and edit content easily and quickly. WordPress is by far the most popular CMS available, W3Techs reports that 43% of all websites globally use it to power their content.


Code consists of words, letters, figures and symbols that make up rules and instructions to make things happen on your computer. Code communicates what you want to happen and how things should appear on a web page.

Colour Theory

Colour theory is the collection of guidelines and concepts used to communicate with colour, based on the colour wheel and its geometry. It helps designers choose the best colour to use in their work. It is based on extensive research about human optical ability, psychology, culture and more, and how colours mix, match and contrast. It is often referred to as the science and art of using colour.


Community is really important to us here at Ballyhoo. Located in central Longbridge, we like to keep up to date with the latest news and events happening in our area, and also like to give back to the community where possible. We have worked closely with Acorns charity, and have also been involved with charity events run by the Innovation Centre where we are located.


A web or marketing consultant is someone who advises businesses on how to create, implement and manage websites or marketing strategies. In website design, they analyse the business’s current website and advise on improvements, and can also help create a new website with goals and objectives in mind.

In marketing, they help with creating marketing plans, identifying goals and KPIs, and develop strategies to get the brand out to their target audience.


In website design, a contact page is vital for all businesses to have on their website. This is where users and potential customers can find information on how to get in touch with the company. This page will also include a contact form, that users can complete and submit easily and quickly. The contact form should also be available on multiple other pages on the website.


In website design, content is the text, images, video and visual content that is added to a website for user experience.

Similarly, content marketing is the use of visual and text content to be used for advertising purposes – such as blogs, infographics and video.


Copywriting is the act of writing text and content for media or web, including website content, blog posts, ads, promotional materials, social media and more. It can also include creating product descriptions.


A corporation is a company that has a single entity and is separate from its owners. Corporate web design typically involves creating a content-based website which outlines the services and contact details of a corporation.


Here at Ballyhoo, having a creative mindset is what sets us apart – coming up with unique, original ideas in both website projects and marketing is what we do. We like to be imaginative and innovative, whilst tailoring your needs. 


CRM (also known as Customer Relationship Management) is the process of interacting with your customers as a business. This often requires using data analysis to evaluate data and information to learn more about your customers – to inform future decisions.


Cascading Style Sheets or CSS, is a style sheet language that is used to describe how HTML elements are displayed in a document. It can control the layout of multiple website pages at once, and also control layouts of individual pages and elements.


CultureIQ uses a software platform to transform business growth via company culture. They work closely with organisations to gain an insight into their internal machinations. We worked with CultureIQ to create a powerful website, focusing on clear and measurable calls to action, and SEO.

See the project 


In website design, custom development is where a tailor-made website is built for your business. A custom website will fulfill your unique requirements, and is specifically designed for you. This will include a unique design, as well as bespoke features and functionalities, to help your business goals.

Did we miss any words beginning with C? Let us know by commenting below! We can also help with your website design and development, contact our team of our web experts now to see how we can help.

B is for…

October 21st, 2021 by

We’re taking you on a journey through the alphabet – and this week’s instalment includes the long awaited definition of Ballyhoo, and also touches on some of our loyal clients. Read on to find out more. 


Back-End refers to the part of the website that you don’t see. This is sometimes called the Server Side, and is responsible for storing and organising data, and communicating with the Front-End of the website to display a website page. 


One question we get asked all the time is, “Why are you called Ballyhoo?”. Ballyhoo means to praise or publicise extravagantly – or, in other words, make a big fuss. We believe that websites and online marketing go hand-in-hand, but there are myriad other factors that affect how successful your website can be. Increasing the visibility and performance of your website is always at the heart of what we do, whether we are implementing new hosting infrastructure to increase capacity and speed or adopting new programming languages and technologies.


The basket page on a website allows users the opportunity to accumulate a list of items to purchase, review these, modify its contents, access the total price, and choose delivery options. Shopping basket software is an integral part of an e-commerce website. 

Bedfordshire Police Federation 

We’ve been working with Bedfordshire Police Federation for many years, having redesigned their website in 2015, and continue to support them on adding articles, offers and announcements to their website. 

See the project

Belmar Technologies

Belmar Technologies provide process equipment for industrial wastewater treatment systems to meet commercial, operational and environmental requirements. We have worked with Belmar to maintain and support their website following a project in 2015 to create a new, fresh website for them.

See the project 


A ‘bespoke’ website refers to a tailor made website that is completely bespoke to you as a business. A bespoke website is designed and built for a specific set of users, or purpose, and allows website developers to build a unique experience for customers. 


Computer data is represented using Binary – a number expressed system using 0s and 1s. Each digit is referred to as a ‘bit’ or ‘binary digit’. Computers use this Binary to store data. 


Microsoft Bing is a search engine, owned and operated by Microsoft and launched in 2009. Bing provides services such as Search, Windows Live Search, and Live Search. 


The home of Ballyhoo – we are located in Longbridge, Birmingham UK. The city is close to our hearts – and you can often find us spending our spare time visiting the ThinkTank, Birmingham Museum, or shopping at the Bullring. 


In website design, a ‘Block’ is a pre-designed building block that allows you to create and design a website. It breaks the design into smaller parts, with blocks being built independently which then combine to create a customisable page. Blocks usually consist of a container with text and an image, and adapt to fit the style and design of your website. 


A blog is a regularly updated webpage that maintains an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog can be hosted on your website and includes ‘blog posts’ – the individual information articles. 


Birmingham Museums Trust is a charitable trust of museums that are responsible for nine sites across the city, including Thinktank science museum, Museum of the Jewellery Quarter and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, known locally as BMAG. In 2019, we created a cutting edge membership system for Birmingham Museums Trust, making it easy for new members to sign up and benefit from their many fantastic locations, including Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery (BMAG).

See the project 

Brambly Hill

Brambly Hill is a nursery based in Llanelli, South Wales, that offers care services for children aged 8 and below. We have been working with Brambly Hill for over 10 years, from building a childcare voucher management system, and also creating a new, separate brand for this “new and improved” nursery and to develop a modern website which would help promote it. 

See the project 


Branding refers to a name, term, slogan, design, symbol/logo, theme or other feature that identifies an organisation’s goods or services as distinct from competitors. It gives added meaning to a specific company, or group of products or services, helping to build a strong and positive image. Branding gives your organisation identity and makes it memorable to consumers, and also supports your marketing activities. Good branding requires extensive research, development and application, so that users can associate your brand with your products and services. 


A breakpoint is present in responsive web design, and refers to the point at which a website’s content and design adapts to your screen resolution to provide the best possible user experience. Websites and content have to change depending on the device they are viewed on – for example a mobile screen is much smaller than a desktop screen.  We set breakpoints as a range of screen sizes that have specific layout requirements to allow the website to adjust to suit the screen size, viewpoint or orientation. 

Brecknell Dillon

Based in Smethwick, Birmingham, Brecknell Dillon manufactures specialist weighing equipment. We worked with Brecknell Dillon to create an online ordering system that streamlined and made the ordering process more efficient for suppliers. We are hoping to work with them on an exciting project in the near future. 


A website browser is software used on your computer or mobile device that accesses the World Wide Web and is used to view web pages. Each web browser comes in different versions, and the most popular browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. 


BrowserStack is a cloud web and mobile testing platform, providing developers with access to a cloud platform that gives them the ability to test their websites and mobile apps on browsers, operating systems and mobile devices. We pass your website through BrowserStack prior to launch to ensure your site is accessible to a broad range of users.

Building Services Controls

Building Services Controls provide control solutions to the commercial industry for both new construction and specific projects. We worked with BSC to create a fresh, modern website to complement the state-of-the-art services they have to offer, taking advantage of our proprietary CMS – Ballyhoo Refresh. 

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A is for… (The A-Z of Ballyhoo)

October 19th, 2021 by

And thus begins a journey through the alphabet with Ballyhoo, taking you from A to Z across 26(!) blog posts cataloguing everything we can think of beginning with the letter du jour.

Now, this isn’t merely a content building exercise. Over the past year or so we’ve been on a journey of self-discovery as we have finalised our rebrand and delved into what makes us Ballyhoo (but what does Ballyhoo even mean? I hear you cry! You’ll just have to wait until the next installment in this thrilling alphabetical series to find out).

A is for…


Arguably the cornerstone of web design, accessibility is fundamental to producing a good website. When we talk about website accessibility we are concerned with whether the content and functions of the site are all readable and usable by anyone who visits the site, regardless of visual impairment or any other issues that may affect how the website is consumed. By ensuring that we adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines we can ensure that the websites we develop are accessible to all.

At Ballyhoo we aspire to meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA.


Acorns Children’s Hospice is the primary charity that Ballyhoo supports. The work they do in providing palliative care and respite to life-limited children and their families across the West Midlands is so important. Read more about our involvement or make a donation.

Active Superstars

We’ve been working with Active Superstars for many years, supporting them to introduce an online booking and payment system for the PE classes, sport courses and holiday camps they provide to school children across Birmingham.


A bit of website jargon for you now. The administrator of a website is in charge of updating and adding content to a website, as well as managing orders, bookings or users if the site has that functionality. You can have multiple admins of a website with different access permissions and even super admins! Administrators log in through a, you guessed it, admin area. One of the popular services we provide at Ballyhoo is website support & maintenance where we can act as a defacto administrator to take the hassle out of adding content or support you when you need a little extra help to manage your website.

Ads (formerly AdWords)

Google Ads are the results you often see at the very top of search results pages. They can work for almost any advertising budget and get your business noticed at the very moment someone is looking for products or services like yours. A well-crafted, well-timed ad can turn searchers into valuable customers. 

We help a variety of businesses get their Ads set up so that they are effective and provide a good return on investment – regardless of how much they have available to spend.

AGA Rangemaster

Another Ballyhoo client that we have been proud to work with over the past few years. AGA Rangemaster needed a specialist web developer to create a product selector web application to help customers choose the perfect range oven for their home. In addition, we also created custom product registration and warranty request web forms to add additional functionality to their website. These are all great examples of web applications (see below).

Album Art Exchange

Album Art Exchange is a specialist website serving the music community by creating a space to share and download high-quality album artwork. An issue faced by the consumption of digital music and the rapid increase in screen resolution is that the default album artwork (which is a renowned and important subset of art in its own right) isn’t always shown off to its best. AAX allows passionate music and art lovers to ensure the artwork on their devices can be enjoyed in all its glory.

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Me! Now, where to begin. I am co-owner of Ballyhoo and I have been in the company since the start in 2009. I wear many hats; my current job title is Operations Director, which encompasses all the jobs needed to keep the business running, but my passion within the industry is UX and design, so, more often than not, I take creative responsibility for projects. I am a perfectionist, which can be a curse sometimes, but it means I’ll make sure your project meets high standards.


Google Analytics to be precise. But also a broad term for the data we collect on website traffic and on-site behaviours that give us insight into how your website is performing and what we can do to improve it. It’s the foundation for any online marketing strategy or optimisation to improve conversions (number of website visitors vs. those who make a purchase or trigger a tracked event like completing a contact form).


Anthony Chaffey. The captain of our ship and the driving force behind Ballyhoo (and incidentally my husband). Anthony, or simply Chaffey as he is known to many, has been making websites for nearly 20 years. He’s a graduate of Computer Science and he’s been either a director of a digital agency or a freelance web developer ever since. Logical, organised, innovative, knowledgeable, passionate – the guy you want leading your web design and development project.


Application. You know what an app is in relation to your phone but when we use this term as web developers it is used in a slightly different sense. At Ballyhoo, we are well-versed in creating web applications – so anything that you might access via your browser that provides a service or function, like online booking, online shopping, email or word processing. We specialise in creating custom solutions and can even make web applications behave like smartphone apps so that you don’t need to spread your resources across multiple operating systems.


Aristi are our clients and neighbours here in the Innovation Centre. They are specialist cyber security and data protection experts and we highly recommend them if you need any assistance in these areas. We rebuilt, and now help them to maintain, their website.

Attention to Detail

Something we are very proud of is our attention to detail and the lengths we go to to ensure that all the bases have been covered. It’s one of the main attributes we look for when hiring and it’s also something we aim to nurture and develop within the team. Whenever we work on projects, even if it’s just a simple content addition, there’s a sense of pride taken in all that we do and we aim to add value by looking beyond the task at hand to make sure we’ve not only got it right but that it was the right thing to do in the first place.


Audit needn’t be a scary word, not when it comes to websites, anyway. Website audits are a key first step in any website journey, particularly for established businesses who often suffer from feature-creep and diluted or contradicting brand messages. Whether you are setting the scene to get stakeholders on board with a website redesign or looking to ensure you are fully GDPR compliant, you can’t improve your online presence without first knowing where you are now. Branding audits, website audits and Google Ads audits are just some of the things we can help with at Ballyhoo.

Avery Berkel

Avery Berkel is a leading scale and weighing solution specialist – just check the logo on the label printing scales next time you’re in the fruit and veg aisle. They’re also one of our oldest clients and we’ve been privileged to work with them extensively on their systems (more of those web apps we’ve been talking about).

That’s all for the As. If you can think of any important ones we’ve missed, leave a comment below. Keep an eye out for our next post where we tackle the Bs 🐝🐝🐝